Problems with NTFS external USB drive in Kubuntu (update)

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Fri Dec 19 16:59:03 GMT 2008

On Friday 19 December 2008 11:31:10 am Billie Walsh wrote:
> I don't play with external drives and such all that much, but on both my
> 8.04/3.5.10 machines [ one 64 and one 32 ] I don't have the problem.
> Whenever I plug one in it works just fine.

Same with other drives and usb sticks.

> I seem to recall that HAL is what sees and mounts new drives etc. that
> are plugged in [ could be - and probably am - wrong about this ]. 

I thought the same, but wouldn't hal-Ubuntu 8.04 be the same as hal-Kubuntu 

> Could 
> it be that somehow HAL got broken. 

Unlikely broken the same on two different machines, unless some other Kubuntu 
8.04-only update broke it.

> Does it only happen with this one drive? 

This is a 2.5" IDE hard drive from a laptop, in a usb enclosure.  The 
particular enclosure does not have its own power supply, but gets power from 
the USB port.  The other magnetic drives that do work fine are 3.5" from 
desktops with separately powered enclosures.  Would that make a difference?  
I don't know.  

I just know that I don't want to upgrade my kubuntu on this machine until at 
least 4.2, while I have finally found something that KDE 4.1 seems to do 
better than 3.5.

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