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Fri Dec 19 17:28:35 GMT 2008

andrew heggie wrote:
> I've been gifted a used, pc with which to experiment. Long term I intend to 
> give it to someone and connect to it as a remote desktop to give support. 
> I'll probably use xubuntu or kubuntu with many of the packages removed to 
> reduce time taken for updates online. It will be for an elderly person who is 
> only likely to browse, e-mail and possibly write letters.
> I was going to start by setting up a ssh server on it and trying to log in 
> from this hardy box but openssh doesn't seem to be in the repository, is 
> there another program that's supported and just the same?

I am just recently doing this for an elderly friend (88years , first 
PC......, wants to do shopping on tesco direct). It is going quite 
well so far. My initial problems were related to the difficulty or 
maybe impossibility - of using my local LAN to do tests. The nearly 
final tests were to use the ful internet address of the target PC (ssh 
server machine) trying to log in to it, using my laptop (ssh client 
machine), where both machines were (conveniently) inside my own local LAN.

At home with a vigor router, it worked ok. Relief. However, on 
location (a long way away!) when setting up the gifted machine (ssh 
server machine) the tests did not work. Two days spent, wasted, with 
lots of tests and research. I now find that quite a few routers do not 
allow such (test) connections using a full internet IP address to a 
machine located within its LAN. I finally had to use an independent 
internet connection (via a mobile phone in fact) for final tests, 
before I travelled back home.

The remote machine has 384MB ram and is a 400 MHz PIII and is not too 
bad with ubuntu 8.04.1
I am using vnc in a ssh tunnel, and non standard ports (not port 22)
alan cocks
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