Problems with NTFS external USB drive in Kubuntu (update)

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Fri Dec 19 16:31:10 GMT 2008

Art Alexion wrote:
> Ok, The problem seems to be with Kubuntu KDE 3.5.10, and not 4.1.  The drive mounts fine on Kubuntu 8.10.  The problem exists on three Kubuntu KDE 3.5.10 
> machines, while everything works fine on a KDE 4.1 machine and an Ubuntu 8.10 
> Gnome machine and an 8.04 Gnome machine.  It also work in WinXP.  The only 
> Kubuntu 8.10 machine I tested it on is 64-bit, if that makes a difference.
> Thinking it was a problem with ntfs-3g or something, I reformatted the drive 
> as ext3.  It made absolutely no difference.
> I want to report this as a bug, but have no idea what package to report 
> against.  Any ideas?

Considering it only appears in KDE 3.5.10 I would assume that you would 
have to post it to KDE 3.5.10. BUT, don't expect it to get fixed. It is 
just possible that someone could decide to fix it, but for all practical 
intents and purposes KDE 3.x is not being "fixed" any longer.

> This is a real PITA because the purpose of the drive depends on it working 
> with XP and Kubuntu 8.04.  I have my music on my production Kubuntu computer 
> and my iTouch file system is only detected by iTunes 8 (which doesn't run 
> under wine or crossover).

I don't play with external drives and such all that much, but on both my 
8.04/3.5.10 machines [ one 64 and one 32 ] I don't have the problem. 
Whenever I plug one in it works just fine.

I seem to recall that HAL is what sees and mounts new drives etc. that 
are plugged in [ could be - and probably am - wrong about this ]. Could 
it be that somehow HAL got broken. Does it only happen with this one drive?

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