andrew heggie list at
Fri Dec 19 20:59:59 UTC 2008

alan c wrote:

>> I was going to start by setting up a ssh server on it and trying to log
>> in from this hardy box but openssh doesn't seem to be in the repository,
>> is there another program that's supported and just the same?
> I am just recently doing this for an elderly friend (88years , first
> PC......, wants to do shopping on tesco direct).

It's for my father-in-law 86, he was going to buy a pc but his son had
windows virus problems and he's been put off. I wanted to give him a pc and
tell him not to worry about anything as he couldn't affect it. I've
installed kubuntu hardy with 3.5 on the gifted box, from a member of my
lug. It's p4 1.6G Gateway. It's just updating now and that's one of the
reasons I'm not keen on this full install, because it will receive a lot of
updates for programs he'll never use and I might have to access the
internet by a 3g modem as he hasn't broadband yet. I've stuck with Kubuntu
because I can use linux but am not at all competent with it. I've minded to
stick puppy in the cd tray and a usb stick and run from that, possibly with
no hdd. We were recently given a talk at a lug meeting by a chap that had
done something similar but used debian and cut it down himself. He also
configured some high contrast skins and changed system fonts to large

> It is going quite 
> well so far. My initial problems were related to the difficulty or
> maybe impossibility - of using my local LAN to do tests. The nearly
> final tests were to use the ful internet address of the target PC (ssh
> server machine) trying to log in to it, using my laptop (ssh client
> machine), where both machines were (conveniently) inside my own local LAN.

This is going to challenge me, I've not even networked computers before
despite having up to four in the house. I'm using two routers, dhcp
disabled on one, on the same subnet which gives me wireless and 6 ethernet

By full internet address do you mean something like
bill at nameofcomputer.fullipaddress:portnumber?

> I am using vnc in a ssh tunnel, and non standard ports 

Could you pad this out a bit please?

I'd like to know the order of doing things to make the ssh tunnel and then
run vnc whilst at home and then I guess I'll take the pc over at christmas!


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