Hardware failure may be isolated.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 18 16:11:24 GMT 2008

Dear Eberhard,

The Power Supply Tester arrived yesterday.  The -5v test failed, so when I 
notified BFG Technologies they immediately issued an RMA.  You should know an 
additional piece of information, because you may wish to purchase a Power 
Supply some time and want to know the character of the company you are 
purchasing from.

They have a warranty condition that the purchaser must pay return shipping for 
items found defective.  It is pretty normal with companies.  Nonetheless, my 
circumstance is not the same as is for most people.  I am on a fixed and very 
low income.  I cannot afford almost anything I purchase, so absorbing 
expenses for others who are responsible for the making of a problem is more 
difficult for me.  People who make a lot of money, would not even consider it 
inappropriate for a Manufacture to expect a consumer to pay return postage 
for a defective product.  It is the way of the world.

Nonetheless, when I reminded them that it was unfair for an abused customer to 
pay a penalty for their purchase, when satisfied customers are able to enjoy 
the use of their purchase without the added expense did not seem fair.  After 
considering my contention, they agreed to send me a new unit with prepaid 
forms for returning the defective power supply.  To me, that is character in 
this dog-eat-dog world, and I wanted my friends to know about it.

Cudos, Cheers!, Ciao Bello, and Cordially,

Steven Vollom, fine-artist retired 

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