Java for use in Firefox and Open Office - which packages to download?

David McGlone d.mcglone at
Thu Dec 18 23:07:38 UTC 2008

On Thursday 18 December 2008 2:53:16 pm Art Alexion wrote:
> On Sunday 07 December 2008 7:56:22 am David McGlone wrote:
> > > For the last two Kubuntu versions flash and java has worked OK for me
> > > on my 64 bit processor.

I didn't write the above. LOL response was to the wrong person.
> I have made it a practice not to install firefox from the ubuntu repos onto
> kubuntu because it installs gnome as a dependency.  Problem is, if you
> don't do that and install firefox from mozilla, you will have problems.
> Gnome should not be a firefox dependency.  I wish someone would fix that.

David M.

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