Have I been removed from the list?

Georgi Kourtev gkourtev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 07:45:23 UTC 2008

I got your message. Apparently you are not removed.

On Thursday 18 December 2008 08:29:43 Steven Vollom wrote:
> Dear sirs:
> I haven't received any emails from the forum since yesterday, Tuesday,
> 12:08am.  Did I get removed from the list?  If I did, would you please tell
> me what I did that was wrong.  The List is very important to me.  I am
> finally, after 3 years of trying to learn, learning how to operate and use
> Kubuntu.  If I have offended anyone, I am sincerely sorry.  If I am doing
> something wrong, please tell me what to do for me to be acceptable.  I love
> this forum.  I will never do anything that hurts it.  If I am hurting it,
> just tell me what not to do, I will comply.
> Maybe I am stupid and old, but I am sincere.  Thank you.
> Steven Vollom, fine-artist retired

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