Q: how is plasma different?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Tue Dec 16 15:04:44 GMT 2008

On 12/16/2008 R C Mitchell wrote:
> Meanwhile, I'm a reasonable kind of girl and open to persuasion by 
> reasoned 
> argument rather than a marketing pitch.  Are any of you man enough to 
> accept 
> the challenge?

Hi Rosie, I never accept a task that I cannot win.:-)

I suggest you continue with 3.5x until you'll find something better to 
do your work. I changed to Kubuntu 8.10 where I am (sort of) forced to 
use KDE 4. There are times when I regret it!

After a while I must say, I like KDE 4 more and more and it is getting 
better, one step after the other.

Having said this, I also have two different desktops available to do 
"real work" when I feel "overcandied". One is xubuntu, the other is fluxbox.

It's good to be on Linux where a reasonable girl can freely choose what 
desktop environment she likes to use.

Kind regards

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