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nepal nepal.roade at
Tue Dec 16 21:32:05 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 13:33:38 Derek Broughton wrote:
> I completely agree with Bruce - you are expecting your mail program
> to be able to guess about transports, instead of properly setting
> them.
> Create multiple "Identities".  Assign a transport to each one.  Set
> the identity your are sending as, either by setting "Identity" on a
> per- message basis (if the drop-down isn't visible, select it on
> the View menu), or by filtering messages into specific folders, and
> setting Identities per-folder.
> I believe the problem you've encountered manually setting the
> transport is expected - because you haven't changed your identity,
> either. --
> derek

Actually Derek,

I did do all of that and many times over I might add and kmail simply 
kept f*****g up on the transport protocol that IT chose, not me! I 
manually chose the correct protocol, hit send and the send failed, I 
would check the pending mail and the protocol had defaulted to 
something not my choice.

I gave up to the point of installing 7.10 on a separate drive and 
dumping 8.04 I had gotten so p****d off, but then had a flash of 
inspiration of using googlemail as the only transport protocol. I 
probably tried every possible combination of setting up kmail and it 
would not work, even when I chose specific transport protocols for 
each identity (just as you suggest yes, I did that too) and kmail 
still would not send because it (kmail) kept choosing the wrong 
transport protocol.

Now I remember just how pissed off I got with that...
chunter, chunter...


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