Email goes to Outbox

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sun Dec 14 14:33:06 GMT 2008

On Saturday 13 December 2008, Steven Vollom wrote:
> If you and other kmail users have to do this every time you send an email,
> you are much more patient than me, and I though I was very patient.

The only time I have ever seen an email stick in the outbox is when:

a) There was a problem sending the file... it was not accepted.
b) There was something wrong with the addressing, in which case it would not 
get sent.

In either case there was a clear message as to why things didn't go.  As I 
said before, you must have a flakely connection.   If you can get it to send 
just by trying it again, then there is nothing wrong with Kmail.

Does it always take a click?  I thought you said sometimes it would send right 

Have you looked at the 'sending options'  on the bottom of the page of the 
send account page?  Lots of ways to screw things up there.

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