RTL8187B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou jvr_78 at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Dec 14 14:21:35 GMT 2008

Hi Nils, thanks for reply
I have a problem with this issue, and nobody arround the world help
I like to use kubuntu, but if no work the wireless I can't connect.
the problem is that I can see all wireless networks but I can't connect.

can you help me ?

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> Lou wrote:
>> RTL8187B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Can you elaborate? Your subject and the contents look suspiciously like
> spam, so it is quite likely that many people on this list don't see your
> mail because it is caught by their spam filters.
> Well actually I did some research what you might mean with your mail, but
> I can't really help except explain why possibly nobody replied.
> I found several messages from you to this list which were replies to a
> thread about keyboard issues. The problem is that this type of thread
> hijacking is that some people (including me) ignored your mail because
> they didn't read that particular thread. If the person who knows about a
> solution is among those who ignore the thread, you don't get a reply.
> Please don't reply to an existing mail but start a new mail to the list
> to avoid thread hijacking.
> Now, if nobody on this list knows how to solve your problem, you could try
> to get help on the usbunt-users list. There are more people on that list
> and you might have more luck because your problem seems not to be
> specific to Kubuntu.
> Nils
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