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Kevin B. O'Brien nadreck at palain.com
Sat Dec 13 23:14:40 UTC 2008

Embarq Customer wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have a flickering screen when I play back videos on both VLC and Movie player.
> I have switched off the desktop effects following a suggestion on this forum. (I can't remember who suggested it, but thanks for the tip.)
> I downloaded Gnome last week to see if the problem would occur in a different environment. The screen flickers at about the same rate.
> Does anyone have any further ideas?
> I use a nvidea ATI 1300 radeon graphics card, I would be willing to pull it out if it will stop the flickering.
> Thanks in advance
I have had the same problem. When I first installed Kubuntu 8.10 on a 
brand new machine, I had flickering on everything, but installing the 
Nvidia driver cleared that up. But then I started to have problems of 
flickering only on video playback.

My first solution was to reboot, then I found that I only needed to log 
out and log back in.

Today I discovered that closing Amarok cleared it up. I have no idea why 
that works. I got there by happenstance, in that I was watching Miro, 
then opened Amarok, and after listening to music for about an hour, went 
back to Miro and observed the flickering was back. Since I knew that the 
*only* thing I had done in between wathcing with no flickering and 
having the flickering come back was listen to music on Amarok, I closed 
Amarok, and the flickering went away.

I don't know if this will help you, but this is what I have found so far.


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