Kmail goes to outbox.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Dec 12 04:20:49 UTC 2008

> It's a little unfair to blame a program for having trouble connecting to
> an obviously flaky server.

You are 100% correct, AT&T is a flaky server; I only made the post, because it 
never happened before in the 3 years I have used them.  It started to happen 
when I got Kmail working.  And for anyone who thinks I am slamming Kmail.  I 
like it better that any other mail server I have ever used, even with the 
problem.  I just thought if it is something repairable, it would be nice to 
have it work.  I am wondering, can memory problems cause this type of 
incident?  I am running a memory test Sunday and won't be on the air.  
Thanks!  Especially to you Derek.


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