Kubuntu on Mac G3 [was: please help]

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 11 20:17:39 UTC 2008

On Thu, 11 Dec 2008 08:11:20 +0100
Nils Kassube <kassube at gmx.net> wrote:

> jacobo smeke wrote:
> > the thing is that i have a mac g3, it crashed so i wanted to install
> > kubuntu.
> > i put the cd and it didnt worked, so i took the hard drive disk, and
> > formated on a xp machine, then i installed kubuntu and it worked
> > perfectly. then i took the disk and connected it on the mac, but im
> > still having the same problem.
> IIRC the Mac G3 has a PowerPC CPU. Then it can't work with the i386 
> version of Kubuntu. You would need a Kubuntu version for PowerPC but
> I don't know if that exists.
> Nils
The Ubuntu family no longer support PPC (PowerPC), but it used to do
so.  The last version of Kubuntu for which you can obtain a version for
the PPC is 7.04 ("Feisty Fawn").

I have a version of an earlier version of Kubuntu for PPC architecture
(6.10) which I got from the Linux Shop.  If you go to:
and then look down the Categories list you will find an item which
reads something like "Linux for the PPC".  Kubuntu is listed on that
page so you might consider purchasing a disk for about £3.00.

For all things Linux on PPC, you should visit:



Graham Todd

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