please help

jacobo smeke jacobosmeke at
Thu Dec 11 06:35:27 UTC 2008

i wonder if you can help me out with this problem.
the thing is that i have a mac g3, it crashed so i wanted to install
i put the cd and it didnt worked, so i took the hard drive disk, and
formated on a xp machine, then i installed kubuntu and it worked perfectly.
then i took the disk and connected it on the mac, but im still having the
same problem.
when i turn on the computer, it goes to a grey background and shows an icon
with a question mark, the icon is like the finder face. then it show some
text that says "to continue booting, type mac-boot the prees return.
to shut down, type shut-down press return".
i cant get into kubuntu, i searched the problem and i found that is the
pram, and i reset it and in didnt work either.

could you help me with this????

thank you
i would wait for your answers

yours sincerely

                          Jacobo Smeke M.
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