Looking for a clear calendar.

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 18:16:00 GMT 2008

Michael wrote:
> I have been googling for the past hour trying to find a
> clear/transparent calender that will display on my desktop.  There seems
> to be more stuff for Gnome than KDE, but I did find some KDE hits. 
> However, they all seem to be embedded in 'themes.'  There are compiz
> themes, beryl themes, kwin and metacity themes.  I have no idea what all
> that stuff is. 
> Does KDE have a calendar, preferably a clear/transparent one, that will
> sit on my desktop?
> Thanks
> Michael
Which version of Kubuntu are you running?  If it's Intrepid, there's a 
nice calendar widget which is transparent...  :@)




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