Problems with kwin and kwallet.

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Wed Dec 10 03:10:38 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 09 December 2008, Steven Vollom wrote:
>>Go back to the install disk which I believe has an optional
>> memtest program that can be run directly from that cd/dvd.
>I gave my installation CD to a friend.  Is the package you refer to in Adept
>Package Manager?  What is it's name?
Borrow it back.

>>find a friend with a digital multimeter and have him check
>> the power supply's output voltages
>I am alone, no friends but you guys.  But I did order a power supply tester,
>and it is in route.

Those detect only outright failures.  A gizmo that solves a problem that 
doesn't exist in this case unless they have gotten a LOT smarter in the last 
2 years.  Since they are built by the lowest bidder, based on the same theory 
that designs new fishing lures (will it catch the fisherman?), I have a 
rather jaded view of such a device, a device that can't load a psu to even 5% 
of its rated capacity without letting all the smoke out of itself.

Its been said that all this stuff runs on smoke and mirrors, and if you break 
it and let the smoke out, it doesn't work anymore. :)

>My new computer has a  hardware problem; I purchased 
> the tester to check my new 800W BFG Power Supply.  It has a slot for every
> power cable.  Should have been here already, but no such luck.  I am
> keeping a copy of your post and will check each power lead when it gets
> here.  Thanks for the info.  Looks like I will get to use that tool twice. 
> I am having so much fun.  That thought never occurred to me; I even think
> it will stick as a memory for my forgetful mind-something about
> selectivity.  I want to remember that.

Sorry, the only sub for the digital multimeter would be a _well_ calibrated 
oscilloscope.  Bring $2000 plus for one with sufficient accuracy, and half a 
lifetime (for you maybe, longer for me as I'm 74 with 58 years of doing this 
for a living) with a scope probe in one hand to see what it tells you.  The 
multimeter is about 40x cheaper for this and still more accurate than the 
scope, I have one.

>> If you find problems, either with the memory, or with the psu, fixing that
>> will probably get rid of 95% of your problems.
>The only way I know to check memory is to try it in another computer.  Is
>there another way?  Thanks friend.

Yes, get that install CD back, or get whoever burnt that one to make you 
another, then run the memory tester thats on it.  Or download 'memtest86', 
write it to a floppy with 'dd', set the bios to look at the floppy first and 
reboot, it will autorun itself from the floppy.

This utility will test the memory far more rigorously than putting it in 
another machine.  And you won't damage it from a static charge while putzing 
around moving it.


Cheers, Gene
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