Problems with kwin and kwallet. **RESOLVED** Thanks to all.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Dec 9 09:05:11 UTC 2008

> cd $HOME/.kde/share/config
> ls kwin*
I screwed up a bit, but corrected my error.  Here is what I did:

steven at Studio25:~$ cd $HOME/.kde/share/config ls kwin*
steven at Studio25:~/.kde/share/config$ cd $HOME/.kde/share/config
steven at Studio25:~/.kde/share/config$ ls kwin*
kwincrystalrc  kwinrc      kwinrulesrc       kwin_update
kwin.eventsrc  kwinrc.old  kwinrules_update
steven at Studio25:~/.kde/share/config$

I notice that in the past I must have been here before, because there is 
a kwinrc.old.  This is becoming very fun, because lights are going on in 
my mind, and I am retaining a lot of stuff.  If kwin doesn't continue to 
be a problem, can I leave things the way they are, or should I remove 
the .old file since it has been replaced.

> you will see config files for kwin (there may be more than one). You can 
> rename them with commands like
> mv kwinrc kwinrc.orig
> but don't use wildcards for renaming.
I don't understand this part.
>> When Kwallet is removed, it still keeps asking for a Kwallet password,
>> as though it is still in the system.  
> Are you sure? 
I am sure.  It doesn't happen now, but before, I would type in the 
server password, then a request would come to enter the kwallet 
password.  I presume to enter the server password, I don't know, but it 
happened every time.  I used the old em that I liked so much.  I will 
never forget that one.
> but I can't think of any reason why a program might ask for the 
> kwallet password if kwallet isn't installed.
That was the reason I attempted the fix.  I liked having kmail working, 
however, every time I sent an email, I had to type in the server 
password, then the kwallet password, it would be rejected.  I would try 
to cancel the repeated requests until I finally clicked x in the corner 
to make it go away.  As long as I tried to put in a password, it would 
reject and return.  Right now, I sent myself an email; I did not have to 
type any password at all.  It simply sent as it is supposed to.  I think 
that part is fixed.  I don't know about kwin yet.  I will have to use 
the computer a while to see if it still is a problem.

Deep thanks friend.  I posted a thank you, however, I may have forgotten 
to indicate RESOLVED.  I don't receive my own posts, so I won't know.

This was a most stressful problem.  It is a glorious feeling now.  It is 
strange, I don't have to write the path to these resolutions.  Before, I 
would have. In fact, when I removed the folders, even though they were 
gone, I was able to trace my steps to their former location.  That is 
how I noticed kwallet had been re-established.

You are taking so much stress from my learning process, Nils, I really 
appreciate your patience.

Cudos, my friend,

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