Problems with kwin and kwallet.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Dec 9 08:40:04 UTC 2008

Until I am sure that Kwin is a resolved problem, I will keep this post active.  
Thanks to all, especially you Nils.  You have helped me many times and twice 
when it was pretty crucial to me.  

I removed the following:  /home/steven/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc  Then I 
removed /home/steven/.kde/share/aps/kwallet.  I closed Kmail and re-opened it 
again.  I mailed myself an email.  I typed in my server password, then a 
window opened that asked me to set a password for kwallet.  It had to be 
added twice.  The email was delivered.  

I then went back to see if any of the folders 
returned.  /home/steven/.kde/share/aps/kwallet was restored, even though I 
had removed it.

It seems to work fine now.  I am so grateful.

Cudos, Cheers!, Ciao Bello, and Cordially,


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