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David McGlone d.mcglone at att.net
Sun Dec 7 16:50:01 UTC 2008

On Sunday 07 December 2008 9:56:39 am Knapp wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 2:59 PM, Brian Norman Wootton
> <Brian.Meg at btinternet.com> wrote:
> >> Setting up flash on a 64 bit system is tedious and requires the use of
> >> 32
> >>
> >> > bit browsers which in turn is also a tedious process.
> >> >
> >> > Also unless you will be working with really large numbers and large
> >> > calculations you probably will not see any benefit with the 64 bit.
> >> >
> >> > IMHO, the process involved to get 64 bit running smoothing to gain
> >> > some extra computations the average user will probably never use,
> >> > isn't worth the hassle.
> I am sorry but this is total, no, well anyway, it is false.
> Just install the 32 bit browser on your 64 bit system with apt-get or
> whatever you normally use. No problems at all, no big deal! I have
> both FF installed on a 64 bit Kubuntu and the 64 bit is a bit snappier
> but no big deal.

> Here is a web page with all the ins and outs of all the possible ways
> of doing it.
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1174435

Not exactly false. 

About 3 years ago, installing flash on a 64 bit system was tedious. You had to 
install 32 bit firefox,  konqueror and use nsplugins which crashed almost 
everytime. So what was the point in even installing 64 bit, if for 1, you had 
to go back to 32 bit apps, 2 wasting space having 2 or 4  browsers installed 
(if you didn't remove one of each Konq and Moz), 3 remembering which browser 
to use that works with flash, and 4 configuring everything to work properly 
was a pain in the Arse!

What your forgetting is Steven is really new to linux. I can already see this 
scenario where he will install 32 bit mozilla alongside 64 bit (since he's a 
newbie I don't likely see him removing the 64 bit version) and set up flash, 
open mozilla (which by the way the system still opens the 64 bit) and he'll be 
scratching his head wondering why flash isn't working, not realizing he needs 
to run the 32 bit mozilla for flash to work. Then he'll either realize to 
remove the 64 bit or change the system to call the 32 bit.

Here's what 64 bit looked like back then:
1. install 32 bit browsers
2. install nsplugins viewer
3. either remove the 64 bit or keep them (if you didn't you had to configure 
system to call the 32 bit) (2 or 4 browsers installed IMHO a space waster)
4. install flash

Tell me this isn't tedious.


install flash on a 32 bit system
Open browser and play.

Which would you prefer?

But this was about 3 or 4 years ago, Mark Fraser pointed out that there is a 
flash player for 64 bit in the works now, and Jonas Norlander pointed out that 
dependencies are taken care of these days, so I was speaking from experience 
from a few years back.

So take your "Total BS" and go play in it. ;-) (just kidding) 
David M.

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