KDE 4.2 Beta 1 availble for Intrepid

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 00:41:05 GMT 2008

Paul Kaplan wrote:
> On Saturday 06 December 2008 10:44 Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
>>> Instructions on how to upgrade here:
>>>   http://www.kubuntu.org/node/58
>>> Warning! unlike neon this will update your current KDE install - there is
>>> no backing out.
>>> Having said that I *really* like it, KDE 4.2 is going to be awesome.
>>> Actual New and improved features in KMail!
>>> However it is quirky, I had a lot of problems getting kmail running. The
>>> Akonadi server was broken to start off with and eventually I had to
>>> disable akonadi altogether.
>>> The problem with columns loosing their settings and getting random widths
>>> is worse than ever.
>>> If you have custom plasma applets they will probably be broken.
>>> Installation from source can fix this if you'r game :)
>>> Right click spelling suggestions inline with Konqueror!
>>> Heaps of UI tweaks which I quite like on the whole. Definitely a big step
>>> forward, like from 4.0 to 4.1
>> On the web page: http://www.kubuntu.org/node/58 it says not to report
>> bugs.... OK. Just to let you all know that I found an annoying one: Try
>> resizing the Panel (maybe it's an NVidia related bug) it causes 4 5th's of
>> the screen to go black - with no apparent way to get the [plasma] desktop
>> back again (without logging out and then back in again).
>> Apart from that it really looks a lot better and has already fixed some
>> rendering issues such as the icons on the Panel not displaying properly.
>> There are also lots more plasmoids/widgets available - the 'Weather' one is
>> really useful -- careful of the 'Bouncing Ball' widget, if you enable the
>> 'Physics' option -- it bounces all over the place and it's real fun trying
>> to 'catch' it to reconfigure it!!
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
>> --
> Is this a problem with multiple monitors or only a single monitor.  If the 
> former, then it may be related to a known bug in X with Intel graphic chips.  
> Force X not to scan for a TV output.
> Paul
I have a single monitor and the blanking of all but a small strip at the 
top happens to me, too...

Also, I've just noticed as I write this that the panel clock and system 
monitor -CPU are corrupted...  :@(



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