Kopete KDE 4.2 and MSN

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Sun Dec 7 09:29:41 UTC 2008

very strange i did compile it and got it working (in fact that the only
way i could get it working ) but you have'nt as choice msn but wlm ?
did you notice it ?

Le dimanche 07 décembre 2008 à 05:13 +0200, Willy K. Hamra a écrit :
> i've read a lot about why kopete in kde 4.2 lacks msn support, there's 
> this wlm plugin, and the libmsn plugin, and some site even mentioned 
> that imported the plugin to trunk. and then? how can i have msn support 
> in kopete? is there anything i can do other than wait for it to be 
> packaged? compile it from somewhere? i did compile and install libmsn, 
> but msn protocol didn't just pop up in kopete :P

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