googleearth on kubuntu

Octavian Florea miron.florea at
Fri Dec 5 20:32:47 UTC 2008

from  (the last item)

      Accidentally left the 'start automatically after install' checked

If the installer was started with sudo, googleearth will be started as 
root, but still using the home folder of the normal user (who started 
sudo). Thus Google Earth will place its config files into the users home 
folders, but with root as the owner. The normal user cannot use 
gogoleearth, because the settings cannot be saved. He will only see 
space (no globe) and some settings are greyed out. Delete the (somewhat 
hidden) ./config/Google directory:

rm -Rf .config/Google

and maybe also

rm -Rf .googleearth

and it should work.

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