Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 5 19:50:59 UTC 2008

>> Steven
> Without sitting at your computer it is hard to help, but sdc could be
> an optical drive.
I think someone is in my machine.  While I was trying to respond, 
Dick&Filesystems opened over the email.  I had a thumb drive in when the 
problem started.  I removed it thinking that might have something to do 
with it.  My Microsoft mouse was possible going bad, however, I replaced 
it with a small mouse I used for my laptop.  It works fine.  No media in 
the CD.
>  Are you sure that you are not booting from optical
> media (LiveCD in the drive by accident)? Regarding the problem with
> Compiz, what video hardware have you, and which driver?
I don't remember.  I am just trying to keep this machine alive long 
enough to get the new computer working.  This computer is a constant 
problem needing repair.  I can't move an open screen on the desktop 
right now.  When I open System Settings, most of the window appears off 
screen.  I can't move the window so that everything appears.  I was 
trying to see if I could get some information on my video card there.
>  The
> description that you gave is called single user mode, and you did the
> right thing by booting into single user mode, but I hope that you
> didn't damage your installation by running the repair tools, which it
> sounds like you may have done. If sdc is not an optical drive than I
> would hazard a guess at a failing hard disk, try using smart tools to
> determine that. You might want to do that from a LiveCD if you have
> one (the Kubuntu standard install is a LiveCD).
I can't access sudo or Adept or Synaptic.  When I try to type in a 
password it is like the keyboard doesn't work.  Nonetheless, when I 
write into an email the keyboard works fine.
If you can reply fairly fast, please do.  I am so stressed.  And there 
is a guy that has been complaining about my posts about 5 times now.  I 
don't even know which post he is complaining about but he is 
relentless.  I just don't know how to please him.  If you are willing 
please contact me outside the List.  Thanks.

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