Java for use in Firefox and Open Office - ...Solved, thanks.

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Dec 5 18:10:18 UTC 2008

Jim wrote:

> Does Kubuntu have a /usr/lib/mozilla ?
> If so you will have to install jre-6 and on the CLI you will sudo
> updatedb, then do a locate libjavaplugin
> then you'll have to do ln -s libjavaplugin  in
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins , that will setup the plugin for Firefox.
> Of course I'm a Fedora man and I'm not sure that Ubuntu would use
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugin.
> If is setup the same way in Ubuntu I will be able to help you further
> , when you find the path to libjavaplugin.oji .

Heavens!  Kubuntu is a lot smarter than that.  We do it automagically,  
for Konqueror at least (checking 10 possible directories).  Since 
Firefox isn't the default KDE browser, I'm not sure if the Ubuntu 
Firefox setup does the same.

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