Kmail and Yahoo (was Re: konqueror search engines)

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Dec 4 19:05:37 UTC 2008

Graham Todd wrote:
> On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 22:46:12 -0500
> Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at> wrote:
>> lindsay.mathieson at wrote:
>>> Steve, I'd like to investigate more but the Yahoo SMTP send
>>> requires a commercial Yahoo account, which I don't have.
> [snipped]
> Just coming into this thread, so maybe I missed something, but you can
> use your ISP's  SMTP send account with Yahoo to send out mail.
> Does this help?
I don't understand, Graham.  I thought I was using my isp's smtp send 
account.  The address I have been using is  Is that 
my ISP's send account?  My email address is stevenvollom at, 
however, sbcglobal changed to a couple of years ago.  My email 
address never changed though.

Is it possible for something to break within the software that can just 
make part of  it not work?  Is there a command that would find and 
correct that?

I am using so much of the List's time on this.  Should I just forget it 
until I install my new computer?

Thanks for your attempt.


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