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Art Alexion art.alexion at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 20:48:02 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 03 December 2008 1:30:48 am Jerry Lapham wrote:
> If you're using Dolphin in KDE 3.5.10 go to /etc/apt/ and right click on
> sources.list.  Select Actions > Edit as root.  Type in your password and
> KWrite should open allowing you to edit and save sources.list.
> If not, you could open Konsole, cd to /etc/apt and type
>         kdesudo kate source.list
>         or
>         kdesudo kwrite source.list
> input your password, edit, and save.

On a side note, I have really been enjoying using ne for editing files as 
root.  ne is a console based editor, but the keybindings are mostly what X 
editor users are familiar with using.  Convenient drop down menus, etc.

Not part of the default install, though it should be.

   sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ne

Now to edit sources.list, just type

   sudo ne /etc/apt/sources.list

I only use kate on files where syntax color coding is useful.  Otherwise, its 
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