gmane news server

nepal nepal.roade at
Wed Dec 3 16:54:19 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 03 December 2008 16:10:04 Derek Broughton wrote:
> nepal wrote:
> > Would some kind person remind me what the correct server name is for
> > gmane. I tried looking at the archives via html, but don't see any
> > search function and I don't have the recent email that spelled it out.
> --
> derek

Ah, bless you Derek.

I had entered that, but there was a trailing / at the end and I kept getting 
server not recognised or something like that. Of course I should have 
remembered they are for html and not nntp, but didn't. duh.

btw, I'm using Konq as my main browser with Mozilla just as a fallback now, 
with the Wallet manager which is working great and absolutely no trouble at 
all, in fact I have more confidence in KWallet than the FF. Even better, I 
have found that I can watch TED Talk videos and BBC cricket interviews on 
Konq now, I really like Konq as a browser, there is just the occasional 
annoying "script is causing Konq to seize", like when accessing gmail, but 
nonetheless, Happy days! :)

hehe, now if  I can just remember to set kalarm when I make tea, I keep 
overbrewing the damn stuff. LOL


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