I have read some on Proxy Servers, but I am still confused.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 3 08:59:13 GMT 2008

Rolf Kutz wrote:
> On 03/12/08 09:02 +0100, Eberhard Roloff wrote:
>> Generally a firewall handles traffic by looking at each IP packet, 
>> applying a rule set to it and act accordingly. A proxy in contrast is 
>> an application that acts "on your behalf" in regard to internet 
>> communication. They are generally not related, although it often 
>> makes sense to install them in common.
> Proxy could be seen as an "application level
> firewall" vs. a "packet level firewall". Both have
> their advantages and disadvantages.
>> So you can safely rely on your router/firewall, have fun with your 
>> new machine and feel adequately safe.
> If you keep your system up2date.
> regards, Rolf
Thanks Rolf, I like the input.  I keep my updates up to date every 
couple of days.  Every time I enter Adept Package Manager, my manager of 
choice, I look for updates and add them.  So it should be my safest 
situation yet.



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