Power supply

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Wed Dec 3 09:52:47 UTC 2008

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Dear Eberhard,
>> Do you think a 400 W power supply would be powerful enough to boot a 
>> quad core to BIOS, if I didn't have any additional video card energy 
>> draw.  

sure. 400 W is plenty for this, even with (single) video, you will not 
run into trouble. Let's assume your quadcore will draw 140W Max from 
your PSU and a decent lowend video card (which you do not have!) will 
burn another 140W, 400 will be
okay, since when the manaufacturer announced 400, there may be 300 in 
However for actually running the system, you might consider to use a 
larger PSU

I would like to see if possibly my problem with the new computer
>> is a power supply failure.  ASUS is pretty sure that the problem falls 
>> with them or the power supply.  They are willing to return for credit, 
>> refund or replacement, but I would hate to return it and find it OK and 
>> the power supply the problem.  I just don't have access to an 800W or 
>> larger PS.  
You will not need this for testing purposes. Use any power supply that 
you have. I would suggest that you start with a "known working" power 
supply to differentiate causes for problems.

Do I need the DVD and HDD installed to boot to BIOS?
On another note DVD, HDD and the like do not draw any reasonable power 
that is worth to be discussed. Simply forget about their power consumption.

>> are SATA, and the 400W PS doesn't have SATA connections.  
This does not matter for boot up to Bios. That can be done without any 
DVD/hdd at all.

If for some reason you want to connect SATA for testing, there are 
adaptors available.

It probably
>> doesn't have the processor power supply plug either.
I assume you are referring to the (nearly) square connector...

It should have one. Have a look. If there is none, the PSU might be to 
old to be used for your testing purposes.

Thanks for the
>> info on the router.  I think that will be my protection.  I remember I 
>> had a concern about when I am sharing data with the torrent system, do I 
>> open vulnerability and/or am I able to send out data when I have the 
>> firewall?
Try and find out. Over here that works, although I just use torrent for 
Linux DVD /openoffice.... downloads, so I cannot comment on different 
contents or torrents.

Kind regards and good luck with your ASUS board.


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