Power supply

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 3 09:39:09 UTC 2008

Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Dear Eberhard,
>> Do you think a 400 W power supply would be powerful enough to boot a 
>> quad core to BIOS, if I didn't have any additional video card energy 
>> draw.  I would like to see if possibly my problem with the new computer 
>> is a power supply failure.  ASUS is pretty sure that the problem falls 
>> with them or the power supply.  They are willing to return for credit, 
>> refund or replacement, but I would hate to return it and find it OK and 
>> the power supply the problem.  I just don't have access to an 800W or 
>> larger PS.  Do I need the DVD and HDD installed to boot to BIOS?  Mine 
>> are SATA, and the 400W PS doesn't have SATA connections.  It probably 
>> doesn't have the processor power supply plug either.  Thanks for the 
>> info on the router.  I think that will be my protection.  I remember I 
>> had a concern about when I am sharing data with the torrent system, do I 
>> open vulnerability and/or am I able to send out data when I have the 
>> firewall?
>> Steven
> 400 may be a little small for all parts to work, but it should be enough 
> for the BIOS to start. You don't need hard disks and dvds (or anything 
> except the video card and the keyboard :) ). I'd be more worried about 
> the power supply outputting the wrong tensions (i.e. too low on some or 
> all the cables) than about its power.
> HTH,
> I.
I am down to the motherboard and the power supply as the probable 
problem for my new computer.  If the power supply is OK, ASUS recognizes 
the problem as theirs.  The Heat Sink Fan does not run, when I boot up.  
It did run, when I put it on one of the 3 pin fan slots.  When connected 
properly, if the 4 pin connector doesn't work, the power to the 
processor may not work.  It also probably supplies the 4 pin.  So if the 
cable from the power supply that goes to the Processor is defective, 
that is the problem.  Otherwise it is the motherboard. 

Is there a way to check the power from the power supply cable that goes 
to the 8 pin processor power supply?  I am not a technician, but it 
would seem if a person knew how, he could use a test meter of some kind 
and touch the pins to see if there is power.  I would need knowledge to 
try such a thing.  If static electricity can blow a processor, surely 12 
V of power could.


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