I have read some on Proxy Servers, but I am still confused.

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Dec 3 06:22:30 UTC 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> Are there free Proxy Servers?  

If you mean a proxy server on the net to disguise your IP, try
<http://www.google.com/search?q=free+proxy+server&num=100>. If you mean a 
program to run on your machine, there are many. Depending on your needs 
you may consider squid, wwwoffle, anon-proxy, privoxy, just to mention a 

> Can a person still use a torrent 
> program, and use it safely?  

Sure, why not? And what do you mean with "safely"?

> Does a Proxy Server provide similar 
> benefit to a firewall?  

A firewall can do many more things than a proxy server. See

> Is the setup easy enough for a newbie?  

That depends on what type of proxy you are speaking of. If it is a proxy 
somewhere on the net you usually only have to set the IP address and port 
in your browser. If it is a program on your machine it depends on the 

> Will a  
> Proxy Server work through a Router?


> I would like to increase the security of the incoming internet signal
> through my router, then relax internal security.

From your previous posts I know you are the only one on your local 
network. Therefore I think you don't need to worry about "incoming 
internet signal" if your router can work as a firewall which blocks 
incoming connections. Check the router setup page if that is possible. 
Then again, there are things like phishing emails which can't be reliably 
blocked by a firewall or proxy. There you'd better rely on your brain.


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