help needed to use yahoo2mbox script

nepal nepal.roade at
Wed Dec 3 05:44:37 UTC 2008

Can anyone offer some handholding help to use this script.

I have lost the posts to my yahoo group (which I own) and the 
only software I can find that will retrieve all the messages for 
the group is Yahoo2mbox, a perl script. There is a manpage 
for it but I'm not sure about using the options and parameters.
I've pasted the manpage below. The script itself is aprox 31kb which
I could send offlist if necessary. I have all the dependencies installed.
Any offers please?

What I do get (maybe) is as follows
the command structure is 

  yahoo2mbox [options] [-o <mbox>] <groupname> 

-o mbox, 

does this have to exist? Looking at the resume/noresume options, 
it sounds like it will create the mbox file. If not can I just create an
empty mbox file within KMail and use that?

ok, even I can get that one. ;)

this would be the owner name I use for the group?

and the list owners password that I use?

not sure what the Yahoo bytes/hour download limit is, 
I understand the meaning. so not sure about this. There 
are less than 500 messages but some have quite large 
attachments. Although my understanding is that yahoo 
doesn't archive attachments, which does not really matter, 
it is just the messages themselves that I'd like to retrieve.

would just setting those options be enough to retrieve the

any help would be greatly appreciated.

 yahoo2mbox - Retrieve and store Yahoo! Groups messages 
yahoo2mbox Retrieves all messages in the archive of the given group from Yahoo 
and stores them in the specified 
local MBOX file. If the file exists, the messages not already in the file are 
appended to it. 
 yahoo2mbox [options] [-o <mbox>] <groupname> 

 give the usage message showing the program options 
 show the program version and exit 
 give verbose informational messages (default) 
 be silent, only error messages are given 
-o mbox  
 save the message to mbox instead of file named groupname 
 start retrieving messages at index n instead of 1 
 stop retrieving messages at index n instead of the last one 
 retrieve last n messages from the list 
 resumes previously interrupted downloading, needed if --start is used, 
otherwise is automatic if mailbox already 
 don't resume, overwrites the existing output file if any 
 login to eGroups using this username (default: guest login) 
 the password to use for login (default: none) 
 file to use to store cookies (default: none, 'netscape' uses netscape cookies 
 use the given proxy, if 'no' don't use proxy at all (even not the environment 
variable http_proxy which is used by 
default), may use notation 
 use the given country code in order to access localized yahoo groups 
(default: none; supported: 
 add X-Yahoo-Message-Num header to the downloaded messages 
 sleep for n seconds between each message request (may be used allow the 
script to run continuously without 
hitting the Yahoo bytes/hour download limit)


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