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Art Alexion art.alexion at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:01:33 GMT 2008

On Monday 01 December 2008 9:41:56 am Derek Broughton wrote:
> KMail's spam filtering via bogofilter is b0rked in intrepid, and I turned
> it off - and it turns out I get very little spam through gmail, anyway.  
> I'm _not_ entirely sure how I feel about that - somebody else shouldn't
> be deciding what's spam to me, especially since I work a helpdesk - but
> I've never yet found a false positive in the spam folder.

When using kmail for gmail IMAP remember that you can search for common false 
positives (some of my lists keep turning up in spam; others never do) and if 
you find any, just move them to your inbox to mark them not spam.  Likewise, 
if spam gets through, don't delete it until you move it to spam to mark it as 

You can apply labels by copying to folders, and remove them the same way.  Set 
up your filters on gmail, and don't use local filtering (at Ingo's 
suggestion, this solved a world of problems).

I use evolution for my work exchange server, and it does not do as good a job 
with gmail IMAP as kmail.  Thunderbird does an OK job, but not as good as 
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