KDE with Kubuntu vs KDE under Ubuntu LTS. (Derek Broughton)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Dec 1 19:43:56 UTC 2008

Christophe Guilbert wrote:

> Hi Derek ,
> Now you have me confuse ! ;-)
> Correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that
> KDE under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS : everything (including gnome desktop)  but
> KDE would be LTS (3year support)
> with Kubuntu (any version) being none LTS, everything including KDE
> will be supported for 18month.

Consider that there's nothing to identify the non-KDE parts of the 
distro as being either Ubuntu or Kubuntu - they're all sitting in the 
same repository.  So if it isn't exclusive to Kubuntu, it's LTS.
> It looks to me that I'll be better off installing KDE under Ubuntu
> 8.04 than installing Kubuntu 8.04.
> Is there's any flow to that thought ?

That just saddles you with a lot of Gnome software you may not want.

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