Why use a virtual machine? **RESOLVED**

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Dec 1 15:06:52 GMT 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:

>>> The only thing I miss from Windows is Spider Solitaire, it was
>>> entertaining once in a while.
>>It's available in the KDE card games :) (KPath I seem to remember?)


> You all have forgotten that M$ now uses Windows Genuine Advantage, aka
> WGA, to

Only for Vista - and he didn't _have_ a license for that, he had an XP 
license.  I had an OEM copy of Windows 98 upgraded to XP via a licensed 
upgrade disk, and that now runs in a VM on another machine.  afaict, 
it's a fully legal and licensed installation in Canada.

> Screw 'em and the camel that rode in on them, I tried Ubuntu-8.04 LTS,
> got tired of fighting with sudo every 30 seconds to get the stuff I
> wanted (KDE & friends) installed and put an F9 respin on it, much 
> friendlier.  Whatever
> became of the sudo that was good for 10 minutes anyway? 

Nothing.  I've always had a default of 15 minutes - and that's what you 
get if you don't specify "timestamp_timeout".

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