Why use a virtual machine? **RESOLVED**

iodine at runbox.no iodine at runbox.no
Mon Dec 1 18:51:10 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> The only thing I miss from Windows is Spider Solitaire, it was
>>>> entertaining once in a while.
>>> It's available in the KDE card games :) (KPath I seem to remember?)
> kpat
>> You all have forgotten that M$ now uses Windows Genuine Advantage, aka
>> WGA, to
> Only for Vista - and he didn't _have_ a license for that, he had an XP 
> license.

WGA is implemented in XP also. It can be a major annoyance.
But I reckon it's a big plus for Linux, which has no such restrictions.
So I'm glad MS is keeping it up ! :-D


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