Web email

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Dec 1 14:41:56 GMT 2008

Art Alexion wrote:

> The other things I like about [gmail] are excellent spam filtering
> (don't use local filtering with it as it slows things down too much) 
> and being able to use
> IMAP with some accounts that I have that don't support IMAP
> themselves.  I access my mail from multiple computers, and could never
> go back to POP again.

Now that I finally have a reasonably reliable home internet connection, 
I'm seriously considering this myself.  

KMail's spam filtering via bogofilter is b0rked in intrepid, and I turned 
it off - and it turns out I get very little spam through gmail, anyway.  
I'm _not_ entirely sure how I feel about that - somebody else shouldn't 
be deciding what's spam to me, especially since I work a helpdesk - but 
I've never yet found a false positive in the spam folder.

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