Compiz Fusion help needed.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Dec 1 00:55:01 UTC 2008

Paul Rumelhart wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Dear Paul,
>> You got me laughing, I am so happy.  I have eight now.  Are you actually 
>> seeing an octagon?  I just seem to be rotating the desktop as a whole.  
>> This isn't just fun, it is totally useful.  I am always working with 
>> several pages on the desktop.  Now I can separate projects.  What a 
>> wonderful tool.  This is just great.
>> I have never played with Compiz yet.  I have been too busy learning 
>> things that are a priority.  It will be fun when I can take the time.  
>> Do you use any other features of Compiz that are so useful?
>> Cudos, Cheers!, Ciao Bello, and Cordially,
>> Steven
> Steven,
> I have it set so that I can press both the left and right mouse buttons 
> when my cursor is over the desktop, and it shows me an eight-sided 
> "cube" with one desktop on each side.  Technically, I guess it's 
> ten-sided because you have the two end caps.  I think you can also press 
> Ctrl and Alt and the left mouse button to do this.  I remember I had to 
> set the zoom value to get the desktop "cube" to fall back from the 
> screen so I could see it better.  Under Advanced Desktop Effects 
> Settings > Rotate Cube > General I have my zoom set at 0.5068.  I 
> remember playing with the values until everything spun at the speed I 
> wanted it to.   I also have Cube Reflection on (in the Effects area), 
> which shows the cube over a reflective floor.  I think it's a 
> great-looking effect.
> I also have it setup so that if I hold down the Alt key and use the 
> wheel on the mouse, it will make the window the mouse is over more 
> transparent.  That way, if my window is blocking another window and I 
> need to see what's on it, I can make the window slightly transparent so 
> I can continue to work in it but also see what's behind it.  I don't 
> remember if I had to change it to do that or if it's default behavior.
> I also recommend using the Window Previews (in Advanced Desktop Effects 
> Settings in the Extras area).  If this is enabled you should see a small 
> preview window whenever you mouse over a window icon in the start bar.  
> This is useful when I have a few of the same window types open, and I'm 
> not sure which one is the one I want.  Mousing over them will show me a 
> snapshot of what they actually look like at that second.  If you have a 
> video open, it will actually show the video as it's progressing in the 
> preview window.
> I've also played around with animations, which are nice but don't 
> actually help me be more productive.  I also like having Wobbly Windows 
> enabled, although it does nothing to really help me either.  It just 
> looks nice.
> Paul

I just typed in --replace and it started to work again.  Additionally 
lots of window dressing has been included.  I am laughing again.  This 
is the best experimentation experience I have had so far.


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