Synaptic froze on update

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Sun Aug 31 16:59:53 UTC 2008

2008/8/31 Eric <ejazzkatt at>:
> I am running Kubuntu 8.0.4 I just went to do an update using Synaptic.
> It was updating Yelp. It said it was installed. The last message said it
> was setting up yelp. Then it froze. Nothing is happening. The window is
> supposed to close when installation is finished but it hasn't closed. I
> even tried to close the window and it wouldn't close.
> Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?
> Eric
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i've had similar experience in the rare times i used synaptic, it does
it's job well, and runs well to the end, and then stops there,
whatever it was asked to do, would be already done, even though it
doesn't look like it. after that i kill synaptic, i thought it is
because i was using KDE4 when i tried it, i never used synaptic in
KDE3 to see if it happens in KDE in general, does anyone on the list
use synaptic, and can confirm this?

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