No More downloads for Comcast Customers

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Aug 30 17:56:53 UTC 2008

Lisi Reisz wrote:

> On Saturday 30 August 2008 16:40:12 Jeff wrote:
>> The press this side of the Pond is talking about a 250GB limit, and
>> we are all wondering what sort of luxury that represents!
> I thought that it was a misprint for 25GB when I read it.  I find it hard
> to
> see such a vast amount of bandwidth as a limit!!  I have 25GB a month for
> £25.00 (~$48), much the same price as Jeff is talking about.  And I
> am "lucky" with my speed.  I actually _get_ 8MB a lot of the time!!!
> Y'all over the other side of said Pond don't know that you are born!

"We all" don't actually all get that sort of bandwidth.  I am theoretically
on an unlimited plan, and speed is generally about 1.5MB/s, but given that
bandwidth gets seriously throttled after 100MB or so, I'd be really
hardpressed to download an entire DVD monthly.

Here in Canada, Telus is cutting mobile customers for using too much of
their "unlimited" bandwidth.

btw, here, "y'all" is a boat...

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