No More downloads for Comcast Customers

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at
Sat Aug 30 15:59:30 UTC 2008

On Saturday 30 August 2008 16:40:12 Jeff wrote:
> The press this side of the Pond is talking about a 250GB limit, and
> we are all wondering what sort of luxury that represents!

I thought that it was a misprint for 25GB when I read it.  I find it hard to 
see such a vast amount of bandwidth as a limit!!  I have 25GB a month for 
£25.00 (~$48), much the same price as Jeff is talking about.  And I 
am "lucky" with my speed.  I actually _get_ 8MB a lot of the time!!!

Y'all over the other side of said Pond don't know that you are born!


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