modem usr 5637

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Aug 30 04:06:03 BST 2008

John Heinen wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> John Heinen wrote:
>>>   I bought a usb/ usrobotics5637, it sends and receives faxes etc, it
>>> works for windows, apple/mac, and linux. minimum off 2.4.20 or higher
>>>   It was easy  to install it within wind xp but I don't know how how to
>>> install it in
>>> Fedora.2.6.23 linux.
>>> I tried: system, preference, hardware, keyboard, palm dev, etc
>>> or application, sys tools,
>>> or   system administration, network device control.but no dice!!
>>> It's crazy, it was so easy with windows, why not with Fedora or opensusy
>>> Suggestions??
>> Ask on the Fedora lists?  Does it work with Ubuntu?
> It should Derek, once we figure out for linux to recognize the modem,
> problem is too, that dial-up gets little attention from the
> programmers., most of the advise on file is outdated

There's no real reason it "should", but the question was strictly aimed at
the fact that you've complained it doesn't work with two distros that have
nothing to do with Ubuntu.  

If you haven't even tried it with Ubuntu, please do, then we can (perhaps)
help you.  However, you say it works with Linux - so which brand did you
get it working with?

As for outdated, I'd say that's not true - modems haven't essentially
changed in 8-10 years.  I was using a 56K modem then (before the end of
2000, anyway), and that's still all you can do with a phone line.  They get
little attention from developers because they _need_ little attention.

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