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Alan Dacey GrokIt at
Fri Aug 29 00:02:15 UTC 2008

Peter Klaassen wrote:
> I get my new machine real soon:
> a kind of xps shuttle alike box with a small Asus board with onboard video, 
> sound and network.
> 4 Gb ram,  dual quad intel, 500 Gb sata.
> Plan to install Kubuntu Hardy Heron.
> I think of partioning mij sata:
> /           50 Gb primairy (now using 10 Gb)
> swap      4 Gb (now using 512 Mb with 512 RAM)
> /home 100 Gb (now using 20 Gb)
> I plan to run other distro's in Virtual Box. I persume that that takes space 
> from /home, isn't it?
> rest (346 Gb) as extended partition.(to be able to make another 16 partions 
> max. for later use)
> Is this a correct setup or do you have other suggestions?
> Can I copy the /home of my old machine (ubuntu hardy heron) 1 on 1 to the new 
> machine?

	There are of course a lot of different ways to do this but 50 gig seems a bit extreme.  I've also 
got a 500 gig Hard drive and I have a 16gb root partition.  After installing a *lot* of stuff there 
is 7.8gb free, still plenty of room for any temp file or large logs.  I'd go a bit smaller on that 
so that you have more room at home, 20-25gb maybe?  The swap may be too large also but it's not like 
you don't have the room.  If you install any 32 bit  operating system it will only be able to use 
about 3 gigs anyway.  Dan explains it well (see below).  Maybe go 2-3 gig on that?
	Also you have to ask yourself how many virtual machines you will be making and how big each one is. 
  A couple of 20gb machines?  50gb?  Dynamic or fixed size?  Would you want to make a smaller home 
and a partition just for them mounted in /etc/fstab at startup?  When you create a new vbox you can 
pick where it goes and yes /home/<username>/.VirtualBox/Machines/ is the default.  Just things to 
ask yourself now since it is a whole lot easier to make partitions than change them later.
	I don't see why you couldn't copy your old /home to the new puter (don't forget the hidden 
directories!).  I think you would want to install all the programs you would want to use before that 
though.  You might overwrite your old settings when install them later. :-/

It sounds like a pretty sweet box you're getting.  Have fun!

Dan -

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