No IRC in Kopete for KDE 4.1?

Willy K. Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Thu Aug 28 17:49:59 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> 2008/8/28 Derek Broughton <news at>:
>>> But there _is_ a KDE IRC client, and there _isn't_ - and isn't likely to
>>> be - further development of the IRC client in kopete.  So why not devote
>>> some time to using an appropriate KDE component inside Kopete, so that it
>>> then requires minimal future maintenance from the Kopete team?
>> How about looking at it the other way? There already _is_ a KDE chat
>> client that supports multiple protocols. Why develop a separate app
>> just for IRC? Why shouldn't the Konversation team devote their time to
>> IRC support in Kopete? 
> Actually, that's what I'm saying.  They're the ones who'd have to make it
> function as a kpart.
>> So much of the Kopete / Konversation code is 
>> likely duplicate anyway. If there will be a separate IRC client, why
>> not a separate Jabber client, a separate ICQ client, a separate Yahoo
>> client, a separate MSN client, and a separate AIM client?
> Strictly there probably should, and there's no reason that each client
> couldn't be separated.

something similar to mail and kontact. kontact is an all in one program,
but i can simply start only the mail part of it, kmail, if i don't want
the rest.
i have all these protocols supported by kopete, but i only use msn, i
simply don't need them. and even when irc was in kopete, i never used
it, i used konversation, i just can't stand having the same program
doing multiple things, it just confuses me :-P

Willy K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems
Co. Manager of Zeina Computer & Billy Net
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