new machine - new setup

Peter Klaassen peterklaassen at
Thu Aug 28 15:59:23 BST 2008

I get my new machine real soon:
a kind of xps shuttle alike box with a small Asus board with onboard video, 
sound and network.
4 Gb ram,  dual quad intel, 500 Gb sata.
Plan to install Kubuntu Hardy Heron.

I think of partioning mij sata:
/           50 Gb primairy (now using 10 Gb)
swap      4 Gb (now using 512 Mb with 512 RAM)
/home 100 Gb (now using 20 Gb)

I plan to run other distro's in Virtual Box. I persume that that takes space 
from /home, isn't it?

rest (346 Gb) as extended partition.(to be able to make another 16 partions 
max. for later use)

Is this a correct setup or do you have other suggestions?
Can I copy the /home of my old machine (ubuntu hardy heron) 1 on 1 to the new 
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