The Konq "feature" you don't want

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Tue Aug 26 21:28:04 UTC 2008

konqueror 3.5.9
Kde 3.5.9
Kubuntu 8.04.1

This bug caused me some embarrassment.  

Here is a description.  If you have a lot of tabs open, and the last tab is a 
web page without a <title> tag in the <head>, Konqueror displays the title of 
the last adjacent tab in the title bar when you are viewing the tab with the 
blank title.

So here is the embarrassment.  I was having a discussion regarding GPS in cell 
phones when someone post a URL that is supposed to be authoritative. The next 
adjacent tab was a web page entitled "the shit for brains award".  I looked 
at this allegedly authoritative page and saw that its title appeared to be 
the aforementioned s4b award, and said so in a responsive post impugning the 
authority of the page. (it had other problems, but I no longer have the 
credibility to critique them.)

I am filing a bug on launchpad, but I thought I'd post a warning, too.  Screen 
shot available.
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