Konqueror missing one trick

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Aug 25 20:08:18 UTC 2008

O. Sinclair wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> O. Sinclair wrote:
>>> Was/is Konqueror not supposed to be able to support plugins as well? Is
>>> it just that noone use/write them or what? I would love my favorites
>>> Flashblock and Adblock Plus in Konquerer, possibly also a different way
>>> to deal with Bookmarks and bye-bye FF3..
>> It _does_ find firefox plugins.  How well it uses them, I don't know. 
>> Much as I'd love to say bye-bye to FF, it isn't really possible as too
>> many
>> sites don't write compliant code.  And whether it's compliant or not,
>> Konqueror often doesn't handle "javascript:" links in pages.

> Well, I got the netscape-plugins package and I can see a few of them
> being used, but they seem to be related to mplayer, xine, flash etc. all
> of them. I meant in a more general way, like opening up for FF add-ons
> such as Adblock and Flashblock (my favvo) and so on. 

Of course, add-ons aren't strictly plugins, though I don't know the
difference.  I expect that's the issue - and I also suspect the difference
is exactly why konqueror can't use them.  The add-on I used most on FF2 was
Firebug - how could that possibly work with Konqueror?


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