Ubuntu to Kubuntu?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Aug 24 18:50:35 UTC 2008

Jason E. Dorfler wrote:
> To those in the know,
> I dual boot.  Right now I am very happy with my set up.  However, I wish 
> to try Kubuntu due to Mandriva using KDE being able to optimize my 
> hardware better than Ubuntu can at this time.  I'm thinking it may have 
> to do with KDE and not Mandriva itself.  If I install the Kubuntu 
> package on my Ubuntu install, will I be able to change back easily to 
> Ubuntu if it is not what I think it is?  If so, would it be wiser to use 
> a spare hard drive I have laying around, install Ubuntu, then install 
> the Kubuntu packages on top, or go ahead and download Kubuntu itself and 
>   install that fresh on said spare hard drive?  Thank you ahead of time 
> for your answers.

administration>synaptic package manager
and install the package

When installed, log out (no need reboot) and before login again, 
choose from the options (Sessions) menu

Ubuntu is the gnome session
Kubuntu is the kde session
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