new dvd drive won't play dvds, but old one can

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Sat Aug 23 22:10:10 BST 2008

On Thursday 21 August 2008 19:52, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Thursday 21 August 2008 18:01, Juan Kawada wrote:
> > Ok so now dvds play in the new drive but not the old.
> > when I have a dvd in my new drive, and I insert one into the old, It'll
> > pop up with the dialog asking me what to do.
(*) see bottom of the post
> > I can select play with 
> > kaffeine, but it'll play the dvd in the new drive instead of the one it
> > just asked me to play.
> It's good that your now able to play DVD's on the new drive.
> The thing is with apps that can play DVD's, is that they are set up to use
> one drive. Of course you can normally change this in the settings for the
> app, and point the app to use a specific drive.
One drive? I didn't know that.
> I've just had a look in kaffeine on my new machine that only has one
> optical drive (the dvd one). Go to Settings/xine Engine Parameters/media.
> If I go down the list I see under "dvd. device", that it's pointing to
> /dev/dvd (which in my case as I only have 1 dvd drive is correct).
> You will have to look in kaffeines settings, and see what it shows. If the
> dvd device is shown as /dev/dvd, and with a dvd in each drive, kaffeine
> plays the one in the new drive, then /dev/dvd is the new drive. Change the
> line so that it shows as /dev/dvd1, click apply, and ok. You may have to
> close kaffeine, and restart it (not sure). That aside try playing a dvd
> from your old drive again. Now kaffeine should be pointing to the old dvd
> drive, and the dvd should play.
> Obviously if the new drive is /dev/dvd1, change it to /dev/dvd in kaffeines
> settings.
> 2¢ worth of hopefully usefull info.
> Nigel.
(*)So Nigel, you suggest the settings have to be done in the app (kaffeine or 
whatever the app is).
I don't know how it really behaves but I belive the system, and not the app,  
*should* be responsible to deal with the CD/DVD that has just been inserted, 
and when it asks what to do with it, it should open/kafeine-play/whatewer... 
that drive and no other.
If indeed you *have* to look in kaffeine's setting for this matter I would 
consider this as a bug (system or kaffeine).

Let's hope the OP Juan quickly solves his boot record problem and tell us what 
happens if instead of asking to play he asks to open the drive...will it also 
open the dvd in the new drive?


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