Konqueror the ultimate Linux tool or cool things you can do with it

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> On Tuesday 19 August 2008 11:16:01 am Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > 2008/8/16 Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca>:
> > > See Konqueror / Settings / Configure Konqueror / Web Shortcuts for a
> list
> > > of available "protocols" available in Konqueror.  iirc, though I
> confess
> > > to mostly accepting it as magic, not all of these are actually kio
> > > slaves. The kio slaves are (like fish: and sftp:) are available from
> > > _all_ KDE programs (I love opening remote files from kate - "kate
> > > sftp://domain/filename").
> >
> > Have you seen Kate's built-in file manager? I browse a dozen remote
> > servers as if they were local either in Konqi or right there in Kate!
> > I actually considered naming my daughter after that program!
> Yeah, from my perspective, kio and konqueror are the best reasons to use
> (along with Kontact, K3B and Amarok). Gnome is "good enough" otherwise.

I would add to that list; KDE Keyboard tool. I use this all the time. I live
in a house where everyone types German and English but I type Dvorak. We
don't bother signing in as our selves but just use my account all the time
thus the keyboard is being changed all the time with just a  click of the
mouse on kicker. I have heard that you can do  this with Gnome but I have
yet to figure out how. Just me, but I hate having that mac look with the bar
on top tooo.,,

Douglas E Knapp

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